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Atusparia and Cáceres: Rereading Representations of Peru's Late Nineteenth-Century "National Problem"

Mark Thurner (published in 2022-08-17 by sandra rochina )
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Thurner, Mark. 1997. “Atusparia and Cáceres: Rereading Representations of Peru’s Late Nineteenth-Century ‘National Problem.’” The Hispanic American Historical Review 77, 3: 409–41.
About the Indian alcalde Pedro Pablo Atusparia little, or rather next to nothing, is known; the same cannot be said for the creole general Andres Avelino Caceres. Atus- paria is credited with leading the great "uprising of the indigenous race" in highland Ancash, Caceres with the military leadership of the heroic national resistance against Chilean occupation between 1881 and 1884. They met for the first and last time not in the Andean highlands, where both had fought, but in Lima, the coastal capital of Peru, on June 1, 1886. It was two days before Caceres, having defeated his rival, General Miguel Iglesias, would take the oath as the new president of the Republic of Peru, and it was by all accounts a historic moment. Apparently the two "chiefs" were even photographed together, although, perhaps significantly, the image has been lost.