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Deinstitutionalized democracy

Felipe Burbano de Lara. Translated by Mayté Chiriboga (publicado en 2009-06-05 por jbhernandez )
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Burbano de Lara, F. (2008). Deinstitutionalized Democracy. En C. de la Torre, S. Striffler (Eds.), The Ecuador Reader (pp. 271-275). Durham: Duke U.P.
During the past three decades, Ecuador has confronted an irony that has plagued much of Latin America. The return to democracy has coincided with political chaos and economic crisis. The sociologist and well-known editorialist Felipe Burbano locates the roots of this "unstable transition" in the precariousness of democratic institutions, the civilian-military relationship, the neoliberal model,and a weakened state apparatus.