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Dynamics of Mobility of International Traders in Nigeria: Economic Crisis, Globalization and Visa Situation.

Adejumoke A. Afolayan (publicado en 2011-06-15 por yessicm2010 )
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the IV International Symposium International Network on Migration and Development (INMD) on %u201CGlobal Crisis and Migratory Strategies: Redefining Migration Policies
The study examines dynamics of mobility of international traders in Nigeria in relation to globalization, economic and visa conditions; the latter being in terms of possession of a passport, type of visa obtained, and experiences at border posts. The historical context of international trading in Nigeria is given via literature review and the findings of a recent survey in Nigeria. Relevant data of the survey show social networks predominate in the facilitation of first international trading trip the traders made. Also, the relative prominence of self sponsored international traders indicates individuality in the arrangement of the first international business trip outside Nigeria. Virtually all international traders obtained an international passport (89.2%) for their trip, and passed through formal immigration check points (99.1%) during their first international trip that they made. With a business visa, international traders are assured unrestrained mobility to foreign destinations, where they could purchase commodities or products for sale. The short length of stay depicts mobility is goal-oriented. Destinations of first and latest international trip are to newly developed South-east Asia. International traders hoped to continue buying goods from outside the country for sale within the country.