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Nostalgia, Food and Belonging:
Ecuadorians in New York City

María Amelia Viteri (publicado en 2012-01-26 por nataliaym )
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Viteri, María Amelia (2011). "Nostalgia, Food and Belonging: Ecuadorians in New York City. En Sarah Albiez,Nelly Castro,Lara Jiissen,Eva Youkhana (eds.)Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging: Practices, Theory and Spatial Dimensions. Madrid: Iberoamericana y Frankfurt: Vervuert.
Nostalgia is part of a migrant's everyday life: although lived, imagined, invented and re-invented in dramatically different ways. In this article, I use an interdisciplinary approach and base my analysis upon two components of research: 1) Firstly, data collected at the Queens Museum of Art in Queens, New York City, through the multimedia installation Al Loera Lado, whereby, my voice and that of my Ecuadorian anthropology colleague, were brought together with those of the audience while exploring material elements related to food, nostalgia, identities, symbols, nationhood and migration. 2) And secondly, data collected between 2009 and 2010 within the Ecuadorian community mostly in Queens, New York. I use these findings to re-think notions of space and the continuum of transnational identities in relation to food and citizenship (pp.221-236).