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Extractivism, Gender, and Disease: An Intersectional Approach to Inequalities

Cristina Cielo y Lisset Coba (publicado en 2022-06-10 por sandra rochina )
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Cielo, Cristina y Lisset Coba. 2018. Extractivism, Gender, and Disease: An Intersectional Approach to Inequalities. Ethics & International Affairs 32, Nr. 2: 169–178.
Understanding inequalities is a fundamental part of our ethical considerations of international relations, and doing so requires attending to their root causes. Entire fields are devoted to the study of gender disparities, natural resource extractivism, and global health issues, but rarely are these seemingly disparate topics brought together. In this essay, we argue that it is impossible to ethically address inequalities without attending to their multiple dimensions. We use an intersectional approach to analyze the relationship between a country’s dependence on resource extraction and the gendered consequences of this dependence on its most marginal populations.