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“Peace of Little nothings”: a view within the Peace Laboratories in Colombia

Miguel Barreto Henriques (publicado en 2024-04-20 por natyandun )
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Barreto Henriques, Miguel. 2013. “Peace of little nothings”: a view within the Peace Laboratories in Colombia. Journal of Peace, Conflict & Development: 115-31.
This article focuses on the Peace Laboratories in Colombia; Peacebuilding initiatives from below developed by non-governmental organizations in several peripheral regions of the country. It analyzes a type of peacebuilding that traditional and dominant views about peace and conflict resolution tend to ignore and undervalue–grassroots peacebuilding based on civil society and local communities. It aims to give a critical outlook on conventional realist conflict management approaches and to emphasize to what extent, under local social processes such as the ones developed by the Peace Laboratories, different conceptions of peace and peacebuilding arise. It is suggested that these follow a distinct logic, one that is more social than political or military, and manifest on a micro level.