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Purgatory, Protestantism, and Peonage Napo Runa Evangelicals and the Domestication of the Masculine Will

Michael Arthur Uzendoski Benson (publicado en 2022-06-30 por sandra rochina )
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Uzendoski Benson, Michael Arthur. 2003. Purgatory, protestantism, and peonage: Napo runa evangelicals and the domestication of the masculine will. In Millennial Ecuador: Critical Essays on Cultural Transformations and Social Dynamics. Estados Unidos: University of Iowa Press.
There is considerable variation in the cultural dynamics and political processes in cases of native Amazonians incorporating Christian identities. Donald K. Pollock (1993:166,191) has written that one main feature of the native Amazonian Christianity is its “rarity” and association by indigenous peoples as being “the problem, not the solution” (e.g., Muratorio 1984). Some native Amazonians use Christianity to “tear their traditions apart” and create a new order (Brown and Fernández 1991:212-14), while others use it more “conservatively,” subordinating its theology to their own symbolic and mythical worlds (Wright 1998:7, 293-94).